Dec 2017: Green Sense Podcast

Podcast - Green Sense Radio recorded a podcast - '2017 - the year in green cars/Climate Engine' (starting at 14:56) featuring an interview with Dr. John Abatzoglou,  co-principal investigator of Climate Engine. 

John describes goals/challenges in developing Climate Engine, benefits of working with Google, and how earth monitoring is changing due to applications like Climate Engine. 

The podcast description is: 

2017 - the year in green cars/Climate Engine

December 29, 2017

With a look back on Green Cars for 2017– sales, new technology and other trends in EVs, hybrids and high-mpg cars – we're joined by Consumer Guide Automotive publisher Tom Appel.

As much of the national conversation over climate change seems to be mainly over whether or not it’s real, anyone and everyone who can get online can use to research all kinds of climate data - current and historic. Here to tell us more is John Abatzoglou with the University of Idaho and co-principle investigator of Climate Engine.